My name is Jay Howard. Pleasure to meet you!

A little about me:

I’m native Texan, now based in the Los Angeles area. I’m blessed to do life with my beautiful wife, Erin (the lovely gal in the pic- here's her blog) and our pup, Dakota.

Jay Howard.jpg


I love Jesus, and my church. I'm always outdoors; hiking in the mountains, floating in the ocean and biking along the beach. I’m a huge music guy, I love the Dallas Cowboys, I like reading great books, and I try my hardest to journal every day. I admire my wife more than any person on planet earth and my favorite pastime is sitting outside till the wee hours of the morning talking life with good friends. You’ll find me either wearing boots of flip flops 90% of the time. 

I dream about building something important and meaningful. I love media and culture, and am drawing up plans to build a media company that creates visual content to engage a new generation. I desire to speak truth into mainstream society through interesting/funny/helpful/all around awesome content. Maybe someday you’ll be hooked on some digital video series I released on YouTube : )

But this site isn’t about me; it’s about you.

It’s about us. It’s about creating a new kind of man who tries, imperfectly, to figure this life out, and how to live it well.

In my videos and in my words, I have no desire to position myself as any sort of expert. I’m not. I speak not from above, but from beside; as a hopeful brother in the trenches, encouraging one another to keep going, keep grinding. Lord knows I need the encouragement as much as anyone else. 

I believe the future is open, wildly hopeful, and worth planning for. 

Big things are ahead, fellas. 

Let’s get after it.