THIS POST: How to be successful at anything in life

I'm usually an action-step kind of guy. A make-lists-and-have-concrete-objectives type of guy.

But not today.

Because some days, I think it's prudent to simply motivate. And today is that day, because sometimes we all need a reminder of where we're going and what got us moving in the first place.

So, as promised in the title of this post, I want to provide you all with the secret to being successful at anything. The one, overarching principle that applies to winning at anything in life.

I'll give you the secret now. Are you ready? It's two simple words.


That's it. Don't quit, don't slow down, don't falter.

Just keep going.

And maybe you fail. Of course, that's always a possibility. But failure is rarely the reason people don't accomplish what they'd hoped- it is more often an unwillingness to persevere.

Too many people, wheezing and out of breath from life's marathons, decide to step off the path before they even get the chance to see the finish line in the distance. When it gets hard, they decide they must've taken a wrong turn somewhere along the way, so they abandon what was once so important to them.

Come to grips with this fact: 

Just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's wrong. Very often, the hard thing is the right thing. 

I know you're tired, frustrated and discouraged. You've been working at it for years.

But who knows?

Tomorrow might just be the day it all falls into place.