It's the weekend, let the heavens rejoice! I know you don't want to waste it, but what should you do?
Never fear- I've go you covered with this list of what you should do this weekend:

1. Get outdoors. We live in Southern California, so for us it's usually some combination of the beach, hiking, biking, etc. Sometimes we'll take the dog, sometimes I'll jump in the ocean, other times we'll do a picnic. Do whatever you enjoy, but get out there and soak up some fresh air and sunshine.

2. Share a meal with friends. Now's the time to visit that restaurant you've been meaning to try. Invite your crew, dress up, make a thing out of it. Oh, and don't forget to toast to something. Toasting is so underrated, and a strong toast will make you look like a baller (or ballet, for you ladies out there).

3. Bust out the board games. Nothing results in more laughs and fun than a night playing old school board games with friends. Pour some drinks, get some snacks and settle in: you'll win no matter what. Ideally, couple this one with item #2

What Should I Do This Weekend Jay Howard

4. Wash your sheets. Your mom's not here to tell you to do it, so I will. Wash them once a week; you're a grown up now.

5. Workout. I'm gonna go ahead and say there's nothing better than a Saturday morning workout. You can do yoga, weights, running, or anything else. Go get your sweat on while you have the time. No more, "I'm too tired after work" excuses!

6. Take a class. Cooking, photography, improv, martial arts, painting or whatever. Learning something and improving yourself is invigorating. Netflix is not.

7. Watch your favorite show on Netflix. I know, I know. Sometimes I say things I don't mean (see #6). Forgive me. Here's the thing with Netflix: it's okay if you watch mindfully, with a purpose. Saying, "I have a few extra hours to catch up my favorite show, House of Cards. I'm gonna watch a couple of episodes" is okay. Saying, "I'm going to binge watch a show I don't really care about and stare at the screen like a zombie for 8 hours" is probably not the best way to do it.

8. Pull a prank. I never feel more of a sense of accomplishment than when I pull off the perfect prank. Kind of sad, but very true. Whatever. Put some time into it, do some research (there's so many wonderfully varieties of pranks), and get one of your friends.  Yes, it's immature awesome. For me, pranking a friend is my way of saying, "I love you."

9. Brunch it up. If you work 9-5 like most people, brunch just ain't happening. Come to grips with this fact: one of the greatest gifts to mankind is literally impossible during the week. So on the weekend, reach for the stars and grab a 10am reservation. Enjoy your eggs to infinity and beyond. 

10. Serve somebody else. Most everything else on this list has been self-focused, providing ways to make the weekend more rich for you. What about making somebody else's weekend better? Figure out ways to give a few hours to your local charity, church, or just lend a helping hand to that needy neighbor. Giving to others makes us more grateful for what we have. Plus, it's simply the right thing to do.

11. Clean out your junk. Your closet, your garage, the trunk of your car, your pantry...seriously, purge it all. Get rid of your unused junk and you'll feel so much better come Monday morning.

12. Create your to-do list for the upcoming week. You'll feel on the ball and ready to go on Monday morning. Trust me, being organized for the week can motivate you and drop your stress levels. 

What do you do on the weekends? What did I miss?! Tell us in the comments!