The wife and I just got back from a ridiculously awesome week in Mexico, complete with many hours of floating in the pool and rocking drinks with the little umbrellas. 

We make an effort to get away multiple times a year; whether it's a week in Puerto Vallarta, a long weekend in San Diego, or a few days in a mountain cabin, it's one of the most important things we do together. 

I think you should do it too, and I've got three quick reasons why. 

I hate alliteration with a passion, so I was very disappointed with myself when I found that my thoughts on this topic broke down into the Three "R's."  Much to my dismay, no matter how hard I tried to change things, these three categories just seemed to fit.  So, let's just go with it, shall we? 

The Three "R's" for scheduling your next getaway:

1. Recharge. Focus on rest. We're a society that is constantly giving ourselves to our jobs, to technology, to relationships. Vacation is a perfect time to recharge yourself physically, emotionally, spiritually and intellectually. Fill yourself up in all these areas, and you'll come back home feeling revitalized and ready to get back to work. Now this can look differently for everyone, but for me, it looks like picking a fiction book (I'm usually reading self improvement, business, or historical books), eating whatever I want (I usually am fairly strict with my diet) and staying up late/sleeping in (I'm usually an early riser). The key is getting away from whatever your "usually" is. 

2. Remember. Life has this way of clouding our thinking, of convincing us to be mediocre and normal and run away from risk and hard work. We can all think of those times when, with a clear head and a hopeful heart, we've created a vision of all we want from our lives. It's those times when you've had the courage and the energy to decide what you really want your career, your relationships, your life to look like. Getting away from home allows you the mental and emotional space to remind yourself of those things. Take the time to remember, and ask yourself, "What is it that I really want my life to look like?" 

3. Recalibrate. Once you're recharged, and you've taken the time to remind yourself of what you want from life, it's time to do the work of what I call "recalibration." Recalibration is examining the areas of your life that you're not living up to the life you desire. Ask yourself where, this year, you've been lazy, or complacent, or confused or afraid. In the calmness and confidence that comes from getting away from the normal routine, get real about the areas where, when you get back home, recharged and reminded of your hopes, you know the changes you need to make. 

Where do YOU want to go for your next getaway? Tell us in the comments!